On the Journey to Movements Everywhere

Below you can read our short testimonies about how we came to the Lord and how God called us into His Harvest.


I was born in an orthodox family but because of the communistic background, I knew very little about Christianity.

During my first year at the University (in 1995), a friend of mine shared the Gospel with me and I received Christ. My parents got very angry when I told them about my decision. They thought that I was a trader and tried to stop me to go to church and even to read the Bible. God gave me strength to follow Him.

The next year I’ve met a staff from Campus Crusade who enormously helped me in my spiritual growth. He taught me how to share my faith. Talking to different students, I realized how great their need to know Christ is. I felt God's calling to devote my whole life to fulfilling the Great Commission among Moldova's students. In 1999 I joined Campus Crusade as a full time staff.


When I was in my second year at the University (in 1998) a Campus Crusade staff came to our dormitory and shared the Gospel with me. I believed in Christ but only after my first Summer Project I became a devoted disciple of Jesus. I began to grow spiritually and to share my faith. As a result, many of my friends, colleges and also my family came to Christ!

In my last year at the University, God gave me a small group of disciples and I was amazed to see how He is changing their lives and their character. Then I realized that I want to do evangelism and discipleship all my life. So, in 2001 I became a full-time missionary with Campus Crusade.

In 2002 we got married and now we serve the Lord together, as a family। We are absolutely sure that today's Christian students are the future leaders of the society and will influence the world. We believe that investments in today's students will change the world tomorrow. You can become part of this and contribute to the growth of the God’s Kingdom and to Moldova's revival!